Model: Clara Griffith

Girl outlined with lights .


The key to this photograph was to start with a really dark room. When doing a long exposure you can only go so low with ISO and to a tight enough f-stop to hide ambient when doing a 10 second plus shutter speed.

Also used a dark backdrop to really make sure there was nothing muddy behind the model or reflecting extra light.

The model had to wear clothes that were near same color and reflectiveness as her skin, otherwise the lasers would change brightness and clarity when going across her body.

The last equipment was simply two cat toy lasers.

After pressing the trigger, I simply held both lasers in hand and ran them vertically up and down to cover her upper torso over the course of ten seconds. Had to take extra care to make sure the angle that I held the lights at would not appear on the backdrop, but still were not too harsh of an angle to be muted or missed in the photo.